An informal group that exists solely because its members enjoy running in open spaces, off the beaten track.
Summer Series 2017
Dates are coming together - see 'dates' below for details.

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Summer Series 2017


Winter Series 2016

James Jackson receiving his prize from Rob Kohler It was great to see such a good turn out for the run yesterday. For full results see below. Well done Tim, Jim and Adam for getting 130/150 points. Tim was just ahead of the other two by a minute. Results are expressed as a proportion of 130. I have now been able to check the overall results - unfortunately I had not noticed a couple of omissions. As we all get older I think we might need to redefine Vet categories.....


1st Matt Knapp

2nd James Jackson (pictured here being congratulated by Rob Kohler)

3rd Sam Waddy


1st lady Robin Carter

2nd Ella Bowles

3rd Lorraine Croome


1st Vet Steve Statham

1st Ultra Vet Ian Leslie

Results archive
An attempt has been made to collate all the Dartmoor Runners results in one place, and the result can be found here. Some results are missing (see here for a list) can you help fill in the gaps?

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