Dartmoor Runners events often involve extreme conditions. All runners should be experienced in running over rough terrain and be competent to navigate in bad weather. In poor weather full body cover, map, compass, whistle, hat and gloves should be carried. The organisers cannot be held responsible for a runner’s safety after a runner has left the start. Runners must respect private property and the rights of other moor users during these events. Enclosed land is to be avoided unless crossing on public rights of way. Dogs must always be under close control, and on leads when close to livestock. Runs are planned to minimise disturbance of ground nesting birds during the March-July period – see map of sensitive areas.

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Registration and cost

Registration for runs is from 9.30 am to 10.30 am on the day of the event. The cost is £2.00 per run. Courses close at 1.00 pm, and we will start collecting in controls after 12.00 pm. Any runner who has not completed the course by 1.00 pm will be deemed to have retired. All runners must return to the start and let the planner know that they are safely off the moor even if they have not completed the course.

Bring a 1:25,000 OS or 1:40,000 Harvey’s map, and a waterproof pen, to mark your course. The use of GPS as an aid to navigation during any of these events is contrary to our philosophy and not allowed!